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Are You Looking For a Home Heating System?

Do You Want The Simple Facts About,

  • System Choices - Types of heating systems
  • Advantages and Disadvantages - Things you should know
  • Flexibility - Using renewable energy to become self-sufficient
  • Benefits - Environmental and Financial savings
  • Unbiased Information - Not a product hard-sell

Then you have come to the right site.

This site is for those of you who are looking for a home heating system that is both affordable to purchase, and doesn't cost you an arm or a leg in running costs.

When thinking about installing a heating system for your new house or current home the process can be a bit daunting. This is mainly because it may not be your field of expertise and you have to take advice (let's face it, most of us can drive a car but we're not all car mechanics and we don't necessarily want to be).

And as a result of this, which is so often the case, you are fed a particular product or service. For the most part the vast majority of you accept this 'advice' which is helpful from the product or service provider because generally this means you really don't have to think about it for yourself.

Well! If that's the case then there goes your choice.

The point is this: the service provider offers only the product(s) or service(s) that he/she provides and not that of their competitors. There are a number of different technologies on the market that can be used to provide good energy efficient heating systems, including hot water provision.

Navigate this site for information on heating systems including domestic hot water (DHW) provision. Look at the alternative ways of providing residential heating and hot water which are more efficient than traditional heating systems and will save you money in running costs and protect the planet by reducing the emissions of harmful gases that accelerate climate change

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Home Heating and Hot water Systems

Also covered

This site will provide you with information, and a range of options - simply (without too much technical jargon), that will enable you to choose an efficient home heating system that's right for you.

We'll look at both fossil fuel and renewable energy sources. But most of all this site will give you a way of deciding what system of heating is best for you, and how you can reduce your running costs.

Alternatively, if you prefer traditional books see below.

Natural Home Heating: The Complete Guide to Renewable Energy Options
Central Heating: Fault Finding and Repair
Teach Yourself Basic Plumbing and Central Heating
Collins Complete Plumbing and Central Heating

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Hi, My name is Shannon and I'm one of home-heating-systems-and-solutions.com readers. I'd like to thank you for the excellent information I've found on home-heating-systems-and-solutions.com, it's one of my favorite readings on the net. Warmest Regards Shannon United States

Thanks for the advice for removing an air lock from an indirect system. Had to change an inlet on my cistern. First time I have tried any home plumbing. After draining the cold tank system air locked when I refilled the tank. Garden hose and mains pressure up the tap sorted my problems. Would not have known what to do without the advice on the site. Many thanks Sean United Kingdom.

An excellent site. I have found it very usefull. I am currently in the design phase of a new house and have be pondering which heat system to use. From your site I have been able to choose the right system. Ross New Zealand

I enjoyed your site. Pat United States

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