Radiators Feel Cold at The Top

by Maud
(New Zealand)

The radiator might need "bleeding".

When there is air trapped at the top of the radiator, the radiator feels cooler at the top than at the bottom. The answer is to release the air from the radiator and that's called "bleeding the radiator".

You need the special radiator key and then you just open the valve at the top of the radiator. Have a container ready to hold under the key because once you have released the air from the radiator water will leak out - you have to be ready to close the valve with the key as soon as that happens to avoid a mess!
You should then have warm radiators.

My husband sorts out radiator problems now but this was a good tip for me when I was single.

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Sep 25, 2007
Good Tip!
by: Dee

Thanks Maud - you prove that women are not just pretty faces.

Sep 25, 2007
Giving it a go
by: Anonymous

It's great to see a proactive lady who is not afraid to get stuck in - more power to you.

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