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We all appreciate good information and advice from time to time. Even more so when it is in easily understood 'bite-size' chunks that we can digest without the thought of choking.

That being said, it is a great feeling finding what you were looking for after a search.

It's just a shame that sometimes it takes so long to search through the many many web sites to find the information, product or service that is helpful to you.

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Home Heating Systems And Solutions

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Home Heating Systems And Solutions

Easy to understand information on home heating systems and domestic hot water provision for your home. Environmentally clean systems, renewable energy and much more.

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Home Heating Systems And Solutions

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Hi, My name is Shannon and I'm one of readers. I'd like to thank you for the excellent information I've found on, it's one of my favorite readings on the net. Warmest Regards Shannon United States

Thanks for the advice for removing an air lock from an indirect system. Had to change an inlet on my cistern. First time I have tried any home plumbing. After draining the cold tank system air locked when I refilled the tank. Garden hose and mains pressure up the tap sorted my problems. Would not have known what to do without the advice on the site. Many thanks Sean United Kingdom.

An excellent site. I have found it very usefull. I am currently in the design phase of a new house and have be pondering which heat system to use. From your site I have been able to choose the right system. Ross New Zealand

I enjoyed your site. Pat United States

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